Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wicked good bloggers.

The problem with being a print reporter is you are literally confined by and to the page. The news hole, as it is so unceremoniously called, is how much space you have to write around ads. Fewer ads, smaller news hole. Larger ads, smaller news hole (paradoxically).
I have come to accept this in 15 years of journalism, however, when a recent story I wrote on philanthropy and bloggers was trimmed, it bugged me more than usual, because some bloggers worthy of attention and kudos didn't make the final edit.
BurghBaby raised $3,000 for toys for underprivileged kids with her Christmas Crazy. She just asked, and her readers obliged. Ginny Montanez, at That'sChurch raised more than $10,000 for a game room at Children's Hospital. Because she wanted to. ThePgha gathered 500 pounds of food for a Pittsburgh food pantry. Because she decided if Twestival could use Twitter for a common charitable goal, she could too.
I'm just in awe of these people, and anyone who thinks social media is made up of a bunch of narcissists is so wrong, I don't know where to start.

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