Monday, March 1, 2010

and I do mean idiot box...

One of the most endearing things about my husband (or most annoying, depending upon who has the remote), is his affinity for bad television. When I say the man will watch *anything* on television, I am not exaggerating even a little. As I type this, he is watching a show on public access television in which two African-American women are discussing... I have no idea what they're discussing. One's going to St. Louis, the other one wants to eat M &Ms. I have tuned out. My husband has not.
That is exactly the sort of thing he likes to watch. Public access is must-see TV. The guy who yells, "Read On!" to his companion, who reads passages from the Bible? Husband loves it. Oh and shopping channels? The more hideous the jewelry/outfit/artwork the better. Quacker Factory leisurewear? He'll watch it for hours.
Yet, if I try to sneak in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, I'll never hear the end of it. Not only does he watch awful television (his reasoning is someone has to watch it), he is very judgmental of the TV-watching habits of others.
Some nights, we just have to reach an agreement to put on hockey and be done with it. We can at least agree on that...

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