Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't move my STUFF!

So the 5-year-old, he has a lot of STUFF. Toys, subcategories of toys, construction paper, crayons, pencils, stuffed animals, games, trucks, cars, books, flashlights... and I haven't even gotten to the Lego section yet.
In an effort to help him keep it more organized, I took one of my bookcases, emptied it of its stuff, put it in his room and put some of his stuff on it. Since he is a child who craves organization (and craves is the word I was going for), I figured a more-organized room was a very good thing.
Except of course, I did it wrong.
"This is just going to scare me later!" he told me, furious. "Why did you move it all around?"
See, things in your room look a lot different with the lights off than they do with the lights on. Especially when you are a 5-year-old with a vivid imagination. Anything out of place becomes a terrifying visage after Mom shuts off the lights and leaves the room. See: "Bedtime for Frances".
He took everything off the bookcase and reorganized it properly.
He must have done something right, because he slept like a log, not even a request for a drink of water. Maybe I'll have him tackle my closet next... but that's a whole other set of scaries, isn't it...

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