Friday, February 26, 2010

Can't wait for 6

When my now-5-year-old was 3, he loved us and was a perfectly charming little person to be around; agreeable, pleasant, funny, innocent and cute, cute, cute.
Then he turned 4. Still cute, mind you, and still funny and innocent. And while there is something intensely comical about a 4-year-old stomping off in a huff, what does a 4-year-old have to stomp off about?
Our pediatrician assured us that 4 was just a difficult age, and he'd mellow out once he turned 5.
We believed him.
Still waiting for that mellow.
Maybe it's because he's a Taurus. Maybe it's because he's just smart and gets impatient with his dopey parents who need everything explained to them. Maybe we need to be more patient.
Or, maybe, our pediatrician is a liar, liar pants on fire and 5 is just as whiny and obstinate as 4.
I am *sure* when he turns 6, he'll stop howling with despair every night at bedtime, lose interest in driving Mommy bananas with an argument for even the smallest decision, and will accept "because I said so" as a viable reason to do something.
Definitely, right?

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